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Nasz Pan Balon obchodzi 4 urodziny!

Zaśpiewajmy sto lat naszemu dmuchanemu przyjacielowi! 4 lata w drużynie Poltent i 4 lata niesamowitych przygód.

Balon stałociśnieniowy Omega VENTO®

Lecimy, nie śpimy! Linia VENTO powiększyła się o produkt, o który tak często pytaliście. Poznajcie balon Omega, króla niezapomnianych imprez i wrażeń.

A gate which floats on water!

The VENTO® family is growing at the speed of light! See who Mr Balloon met in the underwater universe and come with us into the wide waters! Ah, how good it is that Mr Balloon has such connections ;)

The cosmic origins of VENTO SIX

All the best things does not come from nowhere! To create something extraordinary sometimes you need a little bit of luck, magic and imagination. Where did the idea for VENTO® SIX come from? It's good that Mr Balloon is with us...

VENTO® - Wherever you want! Even in the Sahara desert!

The sands of the desert and the hot climate are doing their job! See how great inflatables look in such an unusual environment.

Effective time at Rema Days!

The year 2019 at RemaDays is a time of news, lots of meetings, as well as exciting prizes. See photos of the biggest advertising festival in Poland!


The last weeks have been extremely exciting for us. A new superhero joined the Poltent team - Mr. Balloon. Are you curious who our new companion is and what is his role in the company?


This is another year in a row when our work and commitment have been appreciated. This time we can boast a distinction in the category: service, for: pneumatic advertising using the innovative VENTO® product line.