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News A gate which floats on water!

A gate which floats on water!

The VENTO® family is growing at the speed of light!  The stunning VENTO® SIX tent has just joined us, and we have already enriched our offer with another gate!

Great Poseidon, the ruler of the seas and oceans, gave us the recipe for success! When Mr Balloon returned from the underwater trip and showed us pictures from the Poseidon's kingdom, it was breathtaking! A magnificent palace, Nereids, dolphins, pearls, ambers, algae and corals shimmering like our most unusual inflatables! It was a beautiful underwater land, with a wonderful, glowing, well-exposed gate as an entrance, solidly attached to the bottom of the sea. "Can we do the same - dear Poseidon - for our clients?" - Mr Balloon asked. "Yes," said Poseidon, "I have been a fan of your events for a long time - I will give you a recipe for a gate that can swim".

The constant-pressure VENTO® gate with skids is the new Portal of Joy that will allow you to sail away! It is a Portal from the underwater world to the world of success! Whether you're organizing a canoeing trip, a triathlon, surfing competitions, with a skidded gate you do not have to worry about the setting!

Brama z płozami, pływająca na wodzie

The VENTO® gate with skids is also a recipe for effective branding on land and solving numerous problems faced by event organizers. Just like the entire VENTO® family, the gate with skids does not require a ventilator, and the skids increase the stability of the gate on an uneven surface.

Ah, it's so good that Mr Balloon has such connections!

See the VIDEO  with the VENTO® gate with skids. Sail away!