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In order to achieve expectations, we have developed tent VENTO®, which is the synonym of modernity and utility among inflatable advertising.

Tent VENTO® does not require ventilator as It's using constant pressure modules.

Lack of need to use blower is opening new advertising possibilities outdoors same as indoors, where is limited access to electricity.

Skeleton of constant pressure tent VENTO® is built on base of modules filled with air and cover (sheathing). Sheathing consists of basic part called roof and walls, attachable with comfortable zips.

Tent walls are available in three options: full wall, wall with vertical zip, wall with seethrought PVC window. See more  accesories for tent VENTO®.

Basic package for tent VENTO® includes:

  • set of constant pressure (air-tight) modules,
  • cover (sheathing),
  • mounting equipement: anchors, ropes, hammer, operating manual,
  • hand pump,
  • transport bag.

Printing technology: sublimation printing.

Variety of coloured fabrics for tents legs (without printing):

Electrical accessories:

  • electrical pump,
  • LED lighting.

Textile accessories:

  • connector between tents*,
  • full wall,
  • wall with vertical zip,
  • wall with a PVC see through window,
  • additional roofing*,
  • sand weight 20kg dedicated for tent 4x4m (to be filled by sand),
  • sand weight 50kg dedicated for tent 5x5m (to be filled by sand).

*There is possibility to attach tent wall in the same time with additional roofing.

Constant pressure VENTO® tent


model 3 x 3 4 x 4 5 x 5 6 x 6

4 x 7

full printing area* 37,5 m2 40,8 m2 65,2 m2 86 m2 51,6 m2
usable area 7 m2 15 m2 22 m2 30 m2 17 m2
external height 2,65 m 2,90 m 3,60 m 4,25 m 2,65 m
internal height 2,40 m 2,65 m 3,30 m 3,90 m 2,40 m
entrance widht 2,75 m 3,70 m 4,50 m 5,20 m 2,75 m
entrace height 2,00 m 2,20 m 2,50 m 2,80 m 2,00 m
weight tent
(doors + equipment )
23,6 kg 28 kg 38 kg 46 kg 33 kg
unfold time
(electic pump)
ca. 5 min ca. 5 min ca. 8 min ca. 15 min ca. 8 min
unfold time
(hand pump)
10 min 10 min 15 min 20 min 15 min

*The area does not consider the tent's legs, which are made from coloured fabrics.

Templates for constant pressure tents: download the package.


Operating manual for constant pressure tents.


  • Handy mounting kit included in every tent and VENTO gate.
  • Telescopic rod for zipping the walls in VENTO tents.
  • Colorful tension ropes.
  • Hand pump - tents, pillars and exhibition counters basic equipment.
  • Electric pump - VENTO gate basic equipment.
  • LED lighting with a controller for VENTO tent
  • Battery for LED lighting - wireless lighting for advertising tents
  • VENTO tent LED lighting - additional equipment.
  • Twu-piece sand weight mounted on VENTO tent - at the base.

Mounting equipment

Every VENTO® tent and gate is equipped in basic mounting accessories

Set contains: anchors (stright and screwed), ropes, hammer, hand pump, operating manual and transport bag.

Category: basic equipement.




Telescopic rod

Telescopic rod with hook gives you more comfort in zipping and unzipping the walls in large VENTO® line tent sizes.
Full length (retracted): 1,0m (0,28m)
The rod is part of the standard set of the constant pressure 5 x 5 m and 6 x 6 m tents.
Tent in 4x4 size does not require telescopic rod.

Category: standard equipment.

Colorful ropes

Play with colors and choose color of the ropes!

You can select from 6 colors: yellow, orange, red, green, blue and black. There are white ropes in the standard mounting set.

Category: standard equipment.

Hand pump

Two-stroke hand pump with an aluminum handle and a rubber seal to protect against ingress of sand into the piston. Works while moving up and down. The pump has a function to pump the air inside and letting it out.

Volume: 2x2L
Pressure max .: 800 mbar (11.6 PSI)
Dimensions: 11 x 22 x 45 cm

Category: basic equipement.

Electric pump

Electrical pump- with power 1000 W, that allows to pump up tent VENTO in just 5 minutes!

Efficiency 1700 l/min
Pressure max .: 250 mbar (3.6 PSI)
Dimensions: 15 x 16 x 17 cm

Category: basic equipement for gate, additional equipement for tent, pillar, table, counter and chair.


LED lighting with a controller

Suspended LED lighting with driver, mounted on buckles.
Includes: a set of two 10W floodlights, a 5 m power cord, a power supply and a remote controller with dimming function.

Voltage: 12 V

We recommend a dedicated battery that allows to use the lighting without access to electricity.

Category: additional equipement.

Battery for LED lighting

Battery for LED lighting. Light and handy lithium-ion battery in a set with a charger. When charging, you do not have to give up lighting.

Comfortable PLUG & PLAY system

Size: 130 x 66 x 22 mm
Weight: 350 g

Category: additional equipement.

LED lighting

Suspended lighting set mounted to the tent ceiling by suitable buckles. The lighting emits cool white light (6000K).
Lighting pouch size: 45 x 45 cm
Power of the set: 2 x 19 W

Category: additional equipment.

sand weight

A two-part sand weight for self-filling with sand. Sand weight is mounted to each of tents legs.
Function: stabilisation of the tent, specially during display in closed buildings or in the places, where is no possibility of mounting tent pegs.

Available models: 20 kg (dedicated for tent 4x4 m) and 50 kg (dedicated for tent 5x5 m).

Category: additional equipement.