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VENTO® counter

VENTO® counter is a comfortable accessory and repeatedly used during presentations, promotions, conferences or trade fairs.

Main features of the advertising stand:

  • construction based on modern solutions such as inserts tightly filled with air,
  • fabric sheathing with graphics, which also covers the surface of the counter top,
  • exchangeable sheathing - comfortable way to update the graphics,
  • niche in the counter for your personal stuff (zipped fastening).

VENTO® line counter and table are used during events and trade exhibitions as a stand element, but also as a separate advertising stand during e.g. tasting actions.  VENTO® exhibition products set is a an effective solution for events and when it is used to exposed branding (products), it evokes much interest in viewers.

The elements of the counter (stand) and presentation table from VENTO® line:

  • set of constant pressure inserts (counter) or constant pressure insert (table) made of high strength polyester fabric, double coated and fire retardant,
  • counter top (composite board) with printable surface,
  • hard base made of composite,
  • exchangeable polyester sheathing with graphics - sublimation printing,
  • hand pomp,
  • transport bag.


Basic equipment of the advertising counter (stand):

  • set of two hermetic modules (polyester fabric 500 g/m2),
  • counter top and rigid base (composite board),
  • exchangeable sheathing (polyester fabric 220 g/m2),
  • two-stroke hand pump,
  • transport bag.

Basic equipment of the VENTO® table:

  • constant pressure module (polyester fabric 500 g/m2),
  • counter top and stabilizing base (composite board),
  • exchangeable polyester sheathing (polyester fabric 220 g/m2),
  • two-stroke hand pump,
  • handy transport bag.


Additional equipment:

  • electric pump,
  • dedicated for counter: set of two ballasts (balance boards) 2 x 9,3 kg,
  • dedicated for table: steel weight (balance board) 11,6 kg.

Exhibition counter:

  • height: 100 cm,
  • width: 120 cm,
  • depth: 45 cm,
  • weight: 12,5 kg (without steel weights).

Event table:

  • height: 100 cm,
  • diameter: 60 cm (top), 50cm (feet),
  • weight: 8,40 kg (without steel weights).

Coffee table:

  • height: 57 cm,
  • diameter: 60 cm (top), 50cm (feet),
  • weight: 7,60 kg (without steel weights).



  • Electric pump - VENTO gate basic equipment.
  • Balance base for gates and VENTO pillars - used on hard ground.

Electric pump

Electrical pump- with power 1000 W, that allows to pump up tent VENTO in just 5 minutes!

Efficiency 1700 l/min
Pressure max .: 250 mbar (3.6 PSI)
Dimensions: 15 x 16 x 17 cm

Category: basic equipement for gate, additional equipement for tent, pillar, table, counter and chair.


Balance base

Balancing panel is recommended especially when using anchors is impossible (like sport hall, hard and compact ground). Base is made of steel, it stabilize and protects the gate (pillar) from falling.

Dedicated base weights:

  • 9,30 kg for S size gates and 2,00 and 2,50 m high pillars,
  • 11,60 kg for table,
  • 17,00 kg kg for M size gates and 3,00 and 3,50 m high pillars,
  • 30,00 kg for L size gates and 4,00 m high pillars.

You need to apply 2 balance bases to the gate (one base for every leg).

Category: additional equipment.