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VENTO® Screen

The VENTO® screen thanks to its gas-tight (filled with air) modules technology is a great alternative to classic billboards, making it a mobile form of advertising.

With the exchangeable sheathing, you can easily change the graphics during the advertising campaign. You have an advertising space on both sides of the screen at your disposal!

Constant pressure (gas-tight) screen is more than just a classic billboard!

Thanks to its mobility, the VENTO® screen gives you the possibility of leaving the message in various places during the long-lasting campaign.

During that time, you don't have to rely on the same design. Now you can quickly and easily change the cover with graphics.

Screens do not require connection to electricity, do not generate noise and work perfectly in every kind of environment.

The VENTO® screen consists of:

  • frame filled with air,
  • polyester sheathing with graphics,
  • electric pump,
  • assembly set (ropes, pins and hammer).

Optional equipment:

  • banner fastened with hook and loop.
VENTO® Constant pressure screen
model 3 x 4 4,5 x 6
height 3,00 m 4,50 m
width 4,00 m 4,50 m
frame diameter 0,45 m 0,60 m
advertising area 24 m2 54 m2
optional banner 2,55 x 3,55 m 3,90 x 5,40 m
15 kg 32 kg

Download design grid for VENTO® screens.


  • Colorful tension ropes.
  • Electric pump - VENTO gate basic equipment.

Colorful ropes

Play with colors and choose color of the ropes!

You can select from 6 colors: yellow, orange, red, green, blue and black. There are white ropes in the standard mounting set.

Category: standard equipment.

Electric pump

Electrical pump- with power 1000 W, that allows to pump up tent VENTO in just 5 minutes!

Efficiency 1700 l/min
Pressure max .: 250 mbar (3.6 PSI)
Dimensions: 15 x 16 x 17 cm

Category: basic equipement for gate, additional equipement for tent, pillar, table, counter and chair.