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Another edition of Rema Days Warsaw is behind us!

This year, we showed an even better side. First of all, we had a super stand - giant tent made like hexagonal cells, inspired by honeycombs.

In the autumn, we move from the meadow to warm interior! Forms of indoor advertisement.

Autumn does not favour outdoor events, that is why organisers decides to plan the events inside the buildings. Why is it worth to plan an indoor advertisement?

We develop our brand for you! New event accessories.

VENTO® line is a breathe of fresh air in outdoor market, not only among the pneumatic products. In order to meet the interests, we have developed new products: inflated advertising counter (stand) and event table!

Talent mine - Football park

Last weekend, on July 15th, a Football Park, made from constant pressure media from VENTO® line.

Even bigger tent!

Constant pressure VENTO® medium group has gained a new model - even bigger tent in 6x6m size! Bigger advertising tent means increasing exhibition market and event industry possibilities.

VENTO® during winter season!

Winter is a time of low temperatures but also heated emotions, what we had a chance to see in the last season of Ski Jumping!